CSA 2011 - Week #5

What's in the Box - June 28, 29 & 30

The contents of the box may change this week.  Please check back daily for an updated list. You can click on a crop below for recipes and storage information. 

Green Romaine Lettuce - 1 head
Red Batavian Lettuce - 1 head
Toscano Kale - 1 bunch
Scallions - 1 bunch
Mint -OR- Zucchini - 1 bunch/several pieces
Arugula (baby) - 1 bag - this is the second cutting, so you may find the occasional yellow leaf or grass in the bag!
Carrots -OR- White Salad Turnips - 1 bunch
Onions - 1 bunch

Lots of lettuce in the share this week!  It's time to step away from the stove and enjoy some delicious, refreshing summer salads!

News from the Farm

Happy to see the sun!  We're working overtime in the fields to catch up from all the wet weather.  You may notice a slight dip in the quantity of the shares in about a month or so.  This is due to the rainy weather that kept us out of the fields- causing us to miss plantings and transplantings of crops that would otherwise be harvested mid-July.  We can make up for some of the missed plantings by seeding fast-growing crops (like arugula) to fill the box, and then plant more for harvest August through the fall. This is all part of the ups and downs of farming!  Let's hope the dry weather continues for a while so we can get back on track!

Here are some photos of our potato crop.  They're looking spectacular this year!  Many people don't know what the potato plants look like, so here they are in all their glory!  (Yes, that's your little farmer practically hidden by their leaves.  They're tall-- and so is he!)


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Grilled Scallions with Lemon
Vegan Ceasar Salad
*from 101 Cookbooks*

More recipes for all the week's produce can be found here on our RECIPES page.