CSA 2011 - Week #22

What's in the Box - October 25, 26 & 27


The contents of the box may change this week.  Please check back daily for an updated list. You can click on a crop below for recipes and storage information. 

Sweet Potatoes - several pieces **Remove the sweet potatoes from the bags as soon as you get home!**
Broccoli Raab -OR- Spinach - 1 bunch
Escarole -OR- Kohlrabi -OR- Guy Lon (Chinese Broccoli) - 1 bunch
Baby White Salad Turnips - .5 lb bag/1piece
Collards - 1 bunch
Broccoli - 1-2 pieces


The listing for the fruit share is for our Long Island sites ONLY.  Please contact your core group if you belong to a Queens pick-up site for your updated weekly share. 

1 Bag Mutsu (Green) Apples
1 Bag Fuji (Red) Apples or 1 Bag Cameo (Red) Apples



notes on the share

We have a special box filled with a whole family of broccoli greens this week.  Broccoli Raab and Guy Lon (Chinese Broccoli) must be picked within a 1-2 day window before the heads go to flower, so we will be harvesting the multiple plantings intensively over the next few weeks.  If you don't receive it in your box this week, it will be coming soon!  The stems on these are the best part, so just separate the leaves and the stem, chop into 1-2" pieces and either stir-fry, or steam and toss with fresh garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and salt & pepper. 

News from the Farm

Potato harvesting continues this week as we try to get everything dug out of the ground by the end of the month.  We will be planting garlic soon, and prepping our greenhouses for in-ground growing for the winter.  This is the time of year when we try to tie up as many loose ends as possible.  The weather is getting cooler, but it's still comfortable working outside in the warm autumn sun.  Here are some photos of the fields as they stand right now.  You can see rutabaga, kale and watermelon radish growing, as well as our flaming willow wind break turning a beautiful "flaming" red!


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Please note that you can substitue Guy Lon for any of the Broccoli Raab Recipes you find.

Broccoli Raab with Pasta
Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes