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Broccoli Raab

IN SEASON - October, November

Broccoli raab is a leafy green in the turnip amily. It is also known as Brassica rapa, or broccoli rabe, rapini, rape, and rapa. The plant is cultivated for its tender stalks, florets, and leaves, all of which can be eaten. The bitter, intense flavor of broccoli raab is very popular in Italy and many parts of Asia.


Keep broccoli raab refrigerated (32-36°F), storing in a perforated plastic bag to retain moisture.


To prepare raab, blanch quickly in boiling water, drain, then saute briefly until tender in olive oil and minced garlic.  Also great in soups and salads. Broccoli raab has a somewhat bitter taste and should be cooked to help mellow that taste.


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