CSA 2010 - Week #21

What's in the Box - October 19, 20 & 21

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Carrots - 1 bunch
Dandelion Greens - 1 bunch
Sweet Potatoes - 4 lb. bag!!!
Japanese Salad Turnips - 1 bunch
Broccoli Raab - 1 bunch - see note about preparation below.
Green Romaine Lettuce - 1 small head
Fennel - 1 pieces
Sunshine Squash - 1 piece

FRUIT SHARE from Briermere Farm

If you have any questions about the fruit, please contact Briermere Farm directly at

FRUIT SHARE for Long Island  
1 bag mixed Fuji and Empire Apples & Bosc Pears*

FRUIT SHARE for Queens 
1 bag mixed Fuji and Empire Apples & Bosc Pears*


Important Note about Bosc pears!!!!  Bosc pears are ripe when they turn an even brown color. They are still firm when ripe!  Refrigerate immediately when ripe. If left to soften, they will be rotten when you cut them open, so be careful!

Be sure to remove fruit from plastic bags immediately when you get them home.  They can ripen out on the counter or in a paper bag.  Store ripe fruit in the fridge.  

Notes on the share

Thank you to everyone who attended this past weekend's CSA Harvest Festival! The weather was gorgeous and we hope you all had a good time visiting your farm and seeing where all your vegetables are grown!  

This week's box includes a few new items - broccoli raab and dandelion greens! Brocoli raab is actually part of the turnip family.  The stems can be a little tough, so be sure to trim the base of them.  The leaves, florets, and the upper stems are all edible and are delicious when very lightly steamed or sauteed.  There are lots of delicious recipes for broccoli raab- I've included a good one below. 

Dandelion greens, you say?  Yes, they're delicious and super nutritious!  Forget trying to get rid of them in your should be picking them and eating them for dinner instead.  We grow dandelions specifically to eat- and they can be eaten both raw in salads or cooked like spinach.  Try this week's recipe below.

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Spicy Sauteed Dandelion Greens
Broccoli Raab with Garlic & Pasta

More recipes for all the week's produce can be found here on our RECIPES page.