CSA 2011 - Week #12

What's in the Box - August 16, 17 & 18


The contents of the box may change this week.  Please check back daily for an updated list. You can click on a crop below for recipes and storage information. 

Sungold Cherry Tomatoes - 1/2 lb.
Long Green Peppers - 2 pieces
Green Bell Pepper - 2 pieces
Eggplant - 1 piece
Baby Watermelon - 1 piece
Green Beans - 1 bag
Walla Walla or Red Onions - 1 quart
Red Tomatoes - 2 pieces


The listing for the fruit share is for our Long Island sites ONLY.  Please contact your core group if you belong to a Queens pick-up site for your updated weekly share. 

Yellow Peaches - 1 bag
White Peaches - these are extremely delicate-- so be careful handling them! - 1 bag


coming soon...

notes on the share

What a lovely summer selection of produce we have this week!  Green beans, red tomatoes, baby watermelon.  The summer crops have been a bit behind schedule due to the cold and rainy start to the season, but they're coming in now, so enjoy! 

The red tomatoes need to ripen for a few days on the counter until they reach a uniform, deep red.  Please be sure to wash the tomatoes before eating. We have been spraying them with an organically-approved copper spray to protect against late blight infection.  The copper spray will wash off with a little soap and water. 

News from the Farm

We are thankful for all of the rain!  It allowed us a few days to slow down (just a bit) and gave the plants a much needed drink.  We are thrilled to report that none of our fields flooded -- meaning that we are doing a good job of keep the soil porous and non-compacted.  We have a new tool that we're using this season to help loosen the soil several feet under the ground!  Most tools can loosen the soil down several inches, but the deeper you can get the better.  It takes a powerful tractor and a powerful tool to do this work and this is the first year we've been set up to use it. 

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Green Beans Braised with Tomatoes & Basil
Fresh, No-Cook, Tomato Sauce

More recipes for all the week's produce can be found here on our RECIPES page.