What we grow

Green Beans

IN SEASON - July, August, September

Green beans are picked while still immature and the inner bean is just beginning to form. They are one of only a few varieties of beans that are eaten fresh. Although green beans vary in size they average about four inches in length. They are usually deep emerald green in color and come to a slight point at either end. They contain tiny seeds within their thin pods. The whole bean is edible- pod & seeds!


Place green beans in a perforated plastic bag and store them in the refrigerator crisper. Although they will keep longer, up to 5 days, enjoy them within 2-3 days.


You can steam, boil, or saute--my favorite is steamed for 5-10 minutes add a little butter and parmesean cheese, or chill them after you steam them and put them in your salad.


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