CSA 2010 - Week #17

What's in the Box - September 21, 22 & 23

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VEGETABLE SHARE Check back daily for an updated list - it will change during the week!

Lettuce Mix - 1/2 lb bag
Arugula - 1/4 lb bag
Wrinkled Crinkled Crumpled Cress (yes, that's the official name!) - 1 bunch
Green Romaine Lettuce - 1 head
Red Tomatoes - 4-6 pieces
Kohlrabi - 2 pieces
Plum Tomatoes - 10 pieces
Collards - 1 bunch
Sweet Dumpling Squash - 2 pieces

Queens Herb Share - dill & chives 

FRUIT SHARE from Briermere Farm

If you have any questions about the fruit, please contact Briermere Farm directly at

FRUIT SHARE for Long Island  
1 bag mixed Empire Apples & Peaches

FRUIT SHARE for Queens 
1 bag mixed Empire Apples & Peaches

Leave peaches at room temperature, or put them in a paper bag.  This does help - the ethylene gas given off by the ripening fruit is trapped in the bag and speeds up the process. Apples can go directly in the fridge, or sit on the counter for a couple days.

Notes on the share

We have a bumper crop of tomatoes this year (which I'm sure you've all been enjoying) including plum tomatoes this week. Plums are great to use in sauce- they're not as "juicy" as their beefsteak cousins, so we don't think they're the best eaten raw.  I sliced some up on a homemade pizza last night and they were delicious!  Greens are also making a comeback in the shares this week in the form of collards!  Collards are fabulous, so forget what you might think you know about them.  I made the Kale & White Bean Soup recipe on Sunday with collards in place of the kale and it was so good.  You can also steam the collards and then coat with olive oil and garlic...or I've heard that some people like it with bacon.  Whichever way you make it, be sure to remove the stems first and discard.  They're too tough!

Mini Field Update from your farmer (at last!)

Lesson #1 when you sit down to write a farm update....make sure your baby is not near the computer!  Galen accidentally shut down the computer while I was working on my update, so here's an abridged version.  I'll try again for the expanded edition of our fall farm update next week....

We've received questions from some of you about certain crops that have not made an appearance in the shares this season and here's a basic explanation.  The following crops were lost: all eggplants (potato beetle resistance to insecticide), second planting of zucchini (timing issues), second planting of cucumbers (drought), a few plantings of lettuce (poor germination- intense heat in greenhouse), green beans (poor germination), and basil (new powdery mildew disease).  Fall crops that are looking FABULOUS - sweet potatoes, all winter squash varieties, leeks, large planting of broccoli (get ready to get inundated!), potatoes, carrots, spinach, more fall lettuce, broccoli raab, turnips, bok choi and more!  As promised, I'll elaborate on all of this next week.  Until then, enjoy your week's bounty!

CSA Harvest Festival 

We've set a date for our annual CSA Harvest Festival for Sunday, October 17thRain date will be the following Sunday. This year's activities will include hay rides, live music and entertainment, cooking demos, a local artisan market and more!  Find a full schedule of events and more info here.

A Call for Volunteers! How about putting a little "Community" into your "Community Supported Agriculture" experience and help us out at our Harvest Festival!  We're looking for some good folks to help us greeting members, directing traffic, serving up mulled cider...and I'm sure some other things too!  If you can put in 2 hours for us, that would be great!  We have 2 time slots open, 11am-1pm and 1pm-3pm.  Please e-mail our volunteer coordinator, Joy, at

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Collard Potato Salad with Mustard Dressing
Roasted Kohlrabi

More recipes for all the week's produce can be found here on our RECIPES page.