What we grow


IN SEASON - June, July, August, September, October

We grow many different varieties of lettuce, including Red and Green Boston (Butterhead or Bib), Red and Green Romaine, Red and Green Batavian, Summer Crisp, and Lettuce Mix (a selection of 4-5 of our favorite baby varieties).  Lettuce is most often eaten raw as salad.  


Lettuce will perish quickly if not stored properly. Lettuces like moisture and cool temperatures, so store lettuce in perforated plastic bags wrapped in damp paper towels, and keep in the refrigerator vegetable crisper. Salad greens should not be stored near fruits that produce ethylene gases.


Lettuce leaves should be torn by hand as cutting will turn edges brown faster. The outer, greener leaves of lettuce contains the most vitamins and minerals.  It would be wise to invest in a salad spinner to remove excess water after rinsing your greens!


+ Lettuce Recipes