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Celery Root

IN SEASON - November

Celery root, also called Celeriac, is an edible root vegetable in the celery family. Don't mind its ugly exterior- once peeled, it can be used to flavor soups and casseroles or featured for its own unique flavor!


Store celery root in the refrigerate for up to a few months- checking periodically for soft spots. 


Do not judge by it's appearance! Once peeled, it is one of the most gorgeously aromatic vegetables and absolutely delicious boiled and mashed on its own or mixed in with potatoes. Like celery and parsley, celery root has a fresh, clean flavor, but the taste is softer and deeper than that of head celery. To trim celery root, start by cutting a slice off the top and bottom. Then slide the knife along down the sides, taking the skin as you go. Make sure you get all the roots at the bottom. You can also use a good peeler.


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