CSA 101 - Building a Cookbook Library

Farmer Matt and I love cookbooks!  Our collection extends throughout all the bookshelves in the house, boxes in the attic, the latest ones stacked next to the bed.  I think we have a problem.  Despite the vast collection, there are some cookbooks that we just couldn't live without.  And these are them.  The top six (first two rows below) are hands-down THE BEST.  We could probably cook from their stained, dogeared pages for the rest of our life and be totally satisfied in the kitchen.  What makes them so good?  Simplicity, flavor, and that "wow" factor. Quick Vegetarian Pleasures is a hidden gem.  I'm so surprised that most people don't know about it.  Every single recipe is quick and simple and makes use of lots of pantry staples along with fresh produce.  If you're short on time like me, you'll soon find yourself coming back to Jeanne Lemlin's recipes week after week.  Yotam Ottolenghi's Plenty is a cult classic.  If it's not on your cookbooks shelf, it should be.  Just buy it. And make any recipe that jumps out at you.  It will be delicious, taste exotic, make you wonder what life was like before you got it.  And the classic, The Greens Cook Book from Deborah Madison.  The black bean chili is a game changer.  It was one of the first recipes that Farm Matt made for me when we were first dating.  ♥  I hope these books help you make the most of your farm shares and keep you happily cooking & eating all season long! 

XO Maggie