This week on the farm...

Here we are packing your CSA boxes on Monday afternoon.  You can see Little Farmer Galen, who runs over to the farm as soon as he gets home from school.  He loves to help! 

Hand weeding our carrots.  This is the type of hand labor that goes into growing organic crops.  Underneath each green tuft is a carrot!  They should be in the shares some time in the next few weeks.

A close-up of hand-weeding.  We use knives to cut out the weeds around the carrots.  With larger crops like lettuce and cabbage, we can use stand-up hoes for weeding between the crops. If we don't keep up with the weeds, they can easily take over a bed of carrots or beets in a matter of days. And then we lose the whole planting... So these weeding days are very important!