CSA 2013 - Week #4

The contents of the share may fluctuate through the week.  Please check the newsletter here for an updated list.

In the Box

Fennel - 1 bunch
Parsley - 1 bunch
Red Romaine Lettuce - 1 head
Green Boston Lettuce - 1 head
Swiss Chard -OR Toscano Kale - 1 bunch
Baby Carrots - 1 bunch
Garlic Scapes - 1 bunch (Tues & Thurs)
Strawberries - 1 quart (Tues)
Red Beets - 1 bunch (Wed)

Notes from the Farmhouse Kitchen

Can I just start out by saying that the baby carrots in this week's share are to die for?  We have been enjoying them for dinner for the past 4 days.  I snip off the tops (leaving about 1/2 inch of the greens) and give them a good scrub.  With skins on, toss them with some good quality olive oil, salt & pepper and spread out evenly on a baking sheet.  They roast quickly (about 12-15 minutes) in a 425F oven.  Let them brown in spots and shake the pan half-way through to flip them over.  Even Baby Farmer, who officially turns 6 months next week, has been chowing down on them!  I'm also loving the fennel this week.  If you have any escarole left over from last week's share, you can make the escarole, fennel and white bean salad recipe that was in last week's newsletter.  If not, you may want to try it sliced thinly in a salad with avocado and red onion.  And if the fennel flavor is jut not your thing...try braising it!  Cooking the fennel mellows out its flavor. See my braising recipe below.  More beautiful lettuce and some cooking greens round out the share for most folks.  The other items in the box are make-ups from past weeks, so check our past newsletters for cooking tips and recipes.  Stay cool this week!  -Maggie

This week's Recipes

Simple Braised Fennel
Fennel & Avocado Salad

Recipes from CSA Member Blogs

Garlic Scape Pesto  - La Dolce Pita



News from the Farm

Summer is definitely here.  The heat and humidity are both in the 90s and it appears that the rain has subsided, at least for now.  Rainy weather has stalled some of our prepping and planting, which means we're now in catch up mode.  The past two weekends were beautiful and it was a pleasure seeing the strawberry fields filled to capacity with pick-your-owners.  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful customers come to the farm, many of whom are CSA members, and our strawberry crop did unusually well considering all the rain we had (credit goes to nutrient rich plants, sandy soil and straw).  While we may have some strawberries left by this coming weekend (June 28th and 29th) it could be very challenging to find quality berries; our farmstand will, however, be open and we look forward to seeing you!

This week's box looks great, courtesy of the carrots and greens, and the fennel smells delicious.  One quick word about the share contents.  You will notice that certain locations will be receiving additional items this.  This is because they have not received the item, or the same amount of the item, in the past.  It makes for some confusion, but weather and other factors often influence what we put into the box on a given day.  Please know that each location will receive the same amount of produce by the end of the season.  As always, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Enjoy this week's share!

Connect with your Farm

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If you have questions or concerns about your share, please do not hesitate to contact us.  That is one of the benefits of knowing where your food comes from!  Your farmers are happy to hear from you at at any time, for any reason.

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