CSA 2011 - Week #8

What's in the Box - July 19, 20 & 21


The contents of the box may change this week.  Please check back daily for an updated list. You can click on a crop below for recipes and storage information. 

Swiss Chard - 1 bunch
Walla Walla Onions - 1 quart (These will store for approx. 3 weeks in a cool, dry & dark spot.)
Kohlrabi - 1 piece
Cippolini Onions - 1 bunch (These must be refrigerated.)
Zucchini - several pieces
Garlic - 1 piece
Carrots - 1 bunch
Dill - 1 bunch
Green Batavian Lettuce -OR- Beans & Eggplant - 1 head -or- several pieces


The listing for the fruit share is for our Long Island sites ONLY.  Please contact your core group if you belong to a Queens pick-up site for your updated weekly share. 

Peaches - 1 bag
Blueberries - 1 container

notes on the share

The heat is getting to some of the cool weather loving crops-- like the lettuce.  You'll notice that the heads are a little smaller than usual as we've been removing the damaged outer leaves.  Zucchini is coming in like crazy (as it always seems to do...) so you may want to try baking some zucchini bread if you're getting tired of it in its usual form! 

News from the Farm

Another week of great growing weather to report- dry and hot! 

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Pasta with Swiss Chard, Caramelized Onions & Garlicky Bread Crumbs
Roasted Zucchini with Ricotta & Mint

More recipes for all the week's produce can be found here on our RECIPES page.