CSA 2010 - Week #4

What's in the Box - June 22, 23 & 24

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Swiss Chard - 2 bunches
Carrots - 1 bunch
Scallions - 1 bunch
Collards - 1 bunch
Fennel - 3 pieces
Cilantro -OR- Dill - 1 bunch 

Notes on the Box

This is the week to enjoy Swiss Chard! We also have our first crop of carrots in the share this week, and they're especially sweet this time of year. Babyfarmer Galen has been enjoying his first bites of mashed carrots and he thinks they're yummy!

Update from the Fields...

Overall our crops are looking terrific! We've been busy cultivating (the farming term for weeding) with our new cultivating tractor - which has made the task much more efficient and more fun! These are some pictures of our freshly mulched tomatoes and field of potatoes.

Woodchuck Woes... There's no lettuce in the box this week because the groundhog ate it! They ravaged most of the varieties we planted, but there should be more coming soon...  In other sad news, the bok choi and white salad turnip beds were taken over by weeds, so we've turned them in. Small losses considering the size of the farm, but we wanted to keep you informed!

News from the CSA Community

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Braised Fennel
Escarole & White Bean Salad with Fennel & Gruyere Cheese

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