Winter Newsletter

Winter Share - Week #4

Week of February 15th

Russet Potatoes -OR- Yellow Potatoes (Russets have rough, thick skin - Yellows have smooth skin)
Sweet Potatoes  (the last of the crop!)
Watermelon Radish
Spinach -OR- Arugula

Potatoes - Russets can be baked with the skin on, or peeled and mashed. Yellow potatoes are excellent roasted with the skins on.
Arugula - This arugula is exceptionally tender and is unwashed. Be sure to wash gently and spin dry. Do not leave it to soak in water.  
Spinach - The spinach needs to be washed twice to remove all the soil. We recommend two rinses in a big bowl of water.  Spinach Cooking Suggestions: Since this spinach is so tender, it is best washed, drained in a colander, placed in large pot with a top and cooked over the lowest possible heat until just tender. Stir occasionally and add butter or olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. Be careful not to overcook!

Our onion seeding was a success and they're germinating beautifully! We'll spend the remainder of this month finalizing our planting schedules for the upcoming season and finishing up our seed orders. Once March rolls around we'll be in full-gear seeding in the greenhouse.

On the home front, baby Galen is finally sleeping through the night (thank goodness) and melting his parents' hearts with his new-found smiling and laughing skills! :)