Winter Newsletter

Winter Share - Week #3

Week of January 25th

Russet Potatoes (excellent variety for baking or peeled and mashed)
Sweet Potatoes 
Watermelon Radish
Spinach -OR- Kale 

Due to some mechanical issues related to the storage, the sweet potatoes may have some cosmetic damage. We're sending you extra poundage to make up for any spots that will need to be cut out or peeled.  The carrots may have a slightly bitter skin, so you may want to taste them first and peel them if necessary.  

As we near the end of January we're almost finished putting together our seed orders for the upcoming season. We're also getting the greenhouses cleaned out in anticipation of the onion seeding which will start in earnest the first week of February. We'll need all the space we can get with nearly 500 flats of onions to be seeded! We've always been behind schedule with our onion seedings, but not this year...  Onions take quite a long time to grow from seed, so even if we start now, they won't be ready to transplant out in the fields until April.