We love to work with chefs who value locally-sourced, high quality ingredients. We custom harvest for you the afternoon before pick-up, wash and chill your produce overnight to ensure best shelf life, and have it available for you to pick-up either at our farm in Jamesport or at our farmers' markets in Huntington, Islip or Port Washington.

We also enjoy growing new and experimental crops, and love hearing about what you are looking for. There is potential for us to custom grow a particular crop. Please note that custom growing needs must be discussed before the start of the season/no later than February 1, so we can add it to our crop plan and seed orders.


We are happy to work with you to meet your special event produce needs! If you are interested in sourcing from us for an event, we recommend that you get added to our weekly availability email so you have a sense of what we have available through the seasons.

Please contact us at least 5 days prior to when you need to receive your produce so we can plan to harvest for you (ordering based off the fresh sheet is recommended). When you order please be sure to include the date you need delivery by, and your produce needs (ie: 5 pounds beet, 12 heads lettuce). During market season, pickup at our Farmers Market booth on Saturdays or Sundays i.