We deliver to different CSA site locations on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Please check our list of CSA Locations to determine your particular pick-up day and time. 

Please note that many of our CSA sites are at private residences. We ask that you respect the privacy of the site hosts by quietly picking up your share during the pick-up window. Any shares not claimed during the pick-up window will be forfeited. (Some site hosts allow their members to pick up the morning after the pick-up day. While that is certainly allowed on a case-by-case basis, we cannot guarantee the freshness of the vegetables or fruit beyond the pick-up window.)

VEGETABLE SHARE Pick-up Instructions

Our pick-up locations on Long Island are at private residences and are self serve on the honor system.  Please share the following instructions with anyone who will be picking up the share under your name for the season.

1.  ARRIVE at your pick-up site during the open hours with your own re-usable bags.  

2.  Find and initial next to your name on the CHECK-IN sheet, attached to a clipboard.

3.  READ all notices posted on the check-in sheet or cork board at the site.

4.  Carefully OPEN* your vegetable share box and transfer the contents of the box into the bags you have brought.

5.  Carefully FLATTEN* the box and leave it in the pile at the site.  We re-use clean boxes from week to week!

6.  Wondering what that funny looking vegetable is?  READ the weekly Newsletter!  (see below)

7.  DO NOT LEAVE YOUR PRODUCE IN A HOT CAR for any length of time.  It will diminish the quality of the produce very quickly!


Do not rummage through more than one box at your pick-up site. EVERY BOX IS THE SAME. We send one share for each person on the check-in list and no extras, so it is very important that everyone is careful to take just their share and no more.

Any shares unclaimed during the pick-up window listed for your site will be donated.  Fresh produce has a very short shelf life and we ask our site hosts to donate any unclaimed produce as soon as possible after the pick-up window ends.  If you are unable to pick up your share, you may send someone else to pick up for you (have them check next to your name) or you may e-mail the farm at least 3 days in advance and we will do our best to make arrangements for you to pick it up at another time. We do not reimburse members for unclaimed shares, nor can we make arrangements to replace them after the fact.

Respect your site host and their privacy.  Our CSA site hosts graciously open their homes and businesses to allow you a convenient location to pick up your veggies.  We ask that you do not knock on their door, do not loiter around their property and do not park in their driveway!  Please come and go as quickly and quietly as possible.

Clean up after yourself!  Be sure to flatten your box and stack it neatly with the others so our driver can pick them up the following week. Thank you!

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS ABOUT THE CSA OR YOUR SHARE, CONTACT THE FARM DIRECTLY at or 631-722-3302.   The site hosts are not responsible for dealing with any CSA issues that may arise.

FRUIT SHARE Pick-up Instructions

(Fruit Shares will begin in July)

Once the Fruit Shares begin, you'll notice plastic crates at the pick-up site.  Unlike the vegetable shares which are pre-packed per share, the fruit share is packaged all together in the crates.  If it says "FRUIT" next to your name, then you are entitled to take the share for that week. 


Newsletter & Recipes!

We publish a CSA Newsletter every single week that is full of farm news, meal plans, recipes and cooking tips, as well as a list of the week's share of produce.  Newsletters are sent out via e-mail, but you can also access them here

Access our RECIPE DATABASE here. 

Learn how to store your veggies

Maximize the life of your veggies by storing them properly when you get them home. Check out our Veg Info & Storage Guide here.

Get to know your farmers!

For many of you, the CSA relationship between you and your farm (that's us!) is a new experience.  Unlike shopping at the grocery store for produce each week, you receive the bounty from the weekly harvest on our small family farm.  Everything in the weekly CSA share is grown with great care on our Certified Organic fields, and delivered to your neighborhood drop-off point just hours after picking.  It doesn't get any fresher or more local than that! While we strive to grow a wide variety of produce for you each week, there are no guarantees in farming, and the weather can affect the outcome of our harvests.  We encourage you to read our weekly newsletters and to come visit us at the farm throughout the season so you can feel part of the farm community.  We thank you for joining into this partnership with us and we look forward to a bountiful season!

As always, you may contact us at any time with questions or concerns about the program.  E-mail or call 631-722-3302.