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Think Globally, but Growing Locally

New York Times | August 22, 2008

Despite the fresh tomatoes still dusty from the fields, the buckets of briny pickles, the bins packed with collard greens and white turnips, the rainbow displays of candy-striped beets and red-speckled cranberry beans, there were some shoppers at the Huntington Farmers’ Market who wanted more. Read full article here...

Spotlight on the Farm

National Geographic Green Guide | May 2007

Talk to the cooks in any upscale restaurant in New York City and you'll find that most fall into one of two categories: those that hope to own their own restaurant and those that long to become farmers. I belong to the group that fantasizes about life on a farm. Matthew Kurek—unlike the rest of us—didn't just dream about moving out of the city and learning to farm, he actually did it.  Read full article here...