Welcome to the Farm Kids Page!


Why Golden Earthworm you ask?  Earthworms are essential to life!  They break down organic matter and create nutrients for rich and fertile soil that's necessary to grow food.  We've elevated the earthworm to the "gold standard", thus naming our farm The Golden Earthworm Farm. 


There are some great kids books about farming & food.  Here are our top picks that you can borrow from your local library or purchase online.


Introduction to Organic Farming Workbook (pdf)

A great introduction and workbook with fun activities!  A publication of the California Certified Organic Farmers Association.  Free pdf download. 

Online Memory Game!

Sponsored by the European Commission on Organic Agriculture.  Test your memory skills! 

My Visit to an Organic Farm

Sponsored by Earth Day Canada.  Fantastic interactive tour!   

Earthworm Information

Scroll down to the Species to read about the different kinds of earthworms and to view pictures. 

Yucky Worm World

Excellent children's site on worms, including earthworms. Click on "All About Earthworms" to view a movie of an earthworm being born and its five hearts. Requires Quicktime.

The Adventures of Herman

Fun site all about worms. Explore the links to discover the parts of a worm, where worms originated from, and what worms eat. Includes an interactive quiz on a worm's anatomy and the food worms eat. On the home page, click on "Teacher's Bin" and find out how you can request a poster of Herman. 

Earthworm Coloring Book (pdf)

A great coloring & activity book produced by the Sustainable Farming Association of Central Minnesota.  Free pdf download! 


Thank you to all the kids who have sent us their artwork.  Submit yours today!