CSA 2013 - Week #1

In the Box - Tuesday

Lettuce Mix - 1 bag (unwashed)
Salad Turnips - 1 bunch
Bok Choi - several pieces
Romaine Lettuce - 1 head
Arugula - 1 bunch
Red Kale - 1 bunch

Notes from the Farmhouse Kitchen

Don't forget to wash the Lettuce Mix before serving!  The Salad Turnips are delicious sliced raw in salads or sprinkled with sea salt for a simple snack.  And don't forget to eat the tops!  Turnip tops are so delicious - simply saute with olive oil and garlic.  They wilt down quickly -  similar to spinach. Bok Choi is traditionally eaten in stir fries, but you may want to try the simple braising recipe below.  Romaine Lettuce is perfect for a Caesar Salad and the Arugula is delicious as a salad or cooked in the (totally fabulous) recipe I share below.  Finally, Red Kale is my favorite type of kale because of its sweet flavor and delicate leaf texture.  (Galen agrees and eats it raw!)  I prefer to eat this kale variety raw in a salad (see recipe below) or very gently steamed.  I'll share my favorite ways to prep kale in an upcoming newsletter.  I think this is enough to get you started for now!  -Maggie

This week's Recipes

Braised Baby Bok Choi
Baked Eggs with Arugula, Yoghurt & Chili

Kale Salad with Garlic, Parmesan & Bread Crumbs



Welcome to the 2013 CSA Season!  We're thrilled that you're joining us for another wonderful season of growing and eating and sharing the beautiful bounty from our farm fields.  There are a few new faces around the farm this year!  Farm manager Stephen Searl joined us in January and is now managing the CSA program (among a million other things!).  And baby farmer Zinn, born on New Year's Eve, is already spending his days at the farm among the veggies with big brother Galen.  

Your farmers Matt and James have been busy in the greenhouses and fields since early spring getting ready for this week's first harvest.  As expected, the first few boxes of the season are heavy on the greens (which grow well in cool temps).  These greens are extremely tender and are delicious eaten raw in salads - including the kale!  Read my notes on the share for more cooking tips!

- Maggie (for Matt, James, Stephen, Galen, Zinn & the rest of the crew)

News from the Farm

I think it's safe to say that we've experienced nearly every kind of weather this spring - hot, cold, warm, cool, dry and wet.  Thankfully we have not experienced any natural disasters, but there's no doubt that the weather has been a bit on the manic side this spring.    We were irrigating in April, experiencing 30 degree nights in mid May, and, just a week ago, temperatures in the mid-90s!  Despite the often drastic changes, we've had enough time within each block of weather pattern to adequately prepare, plant and now harvest.  This week's share features a number of different kinds of leafy greens, as is typical for this time of year, and we are very excited to finally be sharing the vegetables that we have been tending for the past few months.

Please keep in mind that our farmstand (652 Peconic Bay Blvd, Jamesport) is open on Fridays from 10am to 6pm and on Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.  In addition, we anticipate having Pick Your Own strawberries at the farm by this weekend (June 7th and 8th).  And finally, don't forget that we're at the following farmers markets through the fall: Islip (Saturdays), Port Washington (Saturdays), and Huntington (Sunday).  Please come see us! - Stephen

Connect with your Farm

We welcome you to explore our website to learn more about our farm and the wonderful things you can do with your weekly share.


If you have questions or concerns about your share, please do not hesitate to contact us.  That is one of the benefits of knowing where your food comes from!  Your farmers are happy to hear from you at at any time, for any reason.

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