Winter '12-'13 - Week #5

Final '12-'13 Winter Share - Week of March 11, 2013

What's in the Share

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Yellow Potatoes - 8 lbs.
Rutabaga - 3.25 lbs.
Watermelon Radish - 3.5 lbs.
Beets - 3.5 lbs.
Carrots - 8 lbs.
Belgian Endive - 2 pieces
Collards (Tuesday only) - 0.4 lb. bag
Red or Toscano Kale (Thursday only) - 1/2 lb. bag

News from the Farm

Hard to believe this is the last winter share of the season.  Thanks to all of you for being members of the winter share.  As always, we love to hear from you and would like to know what you liked about this year's winter share and what could be improved.  Please don't hesitate to contact us at with feedback.

You'll notice that the share quantities are a little larger this week.  It's always tricky planting and planning for the right amount, though it's always better to have too much rather than too little.  In this case we have a little too much, which is why you will find slightly more produce in your last box.  Also, it should be known that any produce we have left over will be donated to local food pantries.

In other news, the farm is starting to hum with activity again.  Greenhouse seeding has begun, 2013 membership applications are pouring in, and we're scrabbling to get all of our administrative and repair work done before spring is fully upon us.  Please keep in mind that there is still room to signup for our 2013 season, though certain pickup locations are starting to fill up.

Thank you again for participating this winter - we look forward to seeing you in the spring!

Upcoming Events and Activities

Don't forget to sign up for our 2013 season if you haven't already.  Space is limited and we're starting to fill up!  And don't forget about our pick your own organic strawberries.  The season typically runs for a month starting in mid/late May.  Check in with us again as strawberry season approaches.

We continue to support the recent founding of the Peconic Community School, a not-for-profit independent community school located in Riverhead.  To this end, we wanted to let you know that the school is hosting an event called Create: An Arts & Crafts Fair on Saturday, April 27th from 10am to 5pm at the grounds of East End Arts Council in Riverhead.   In addition, Peconic Community School is now accepting applications for its newly established Arts on the Farm Summer Camp at the Hallockville Museum Farm in Jamesport.  This will be a 4 week summer camp for children ages 6 through 11 to give children the experience of connecting with the land, the community, and their creative spirits through an arts and farm based experiential summer camp.  To learn more and to sign up please visit them at or contact them at 

Store Your Veggies Properly!

We encourage you to click on a vegetable from the list above to find a full page of information about each crop.  Be sure to follow the storage instructions carefully to maximize the life of your veggies.  When stored properly at home, you can expect the roots to last you through the full 3 weeks between each winter share delivery.

Connect with your Farm

We welcome you to explore our website to learn more about our farm and the wonderful things you can do with your weekly share. Check out our BLOG with pictures and videos of our farming practices!  Or find RECIPES and join the community on our FACEBOOK page! 

If you have questions or concerns about your share, please do not hesitate to contact us.  That is one of the benefits of knowing where your food comes from!  Your farmers are happy to hear from you at at any time, for any reason.

This Week's Recipes

Hi everyone!  While I've enjoyed sharing some of my favorite recipes from around the web this winter, I look forward to bringing you new ones from my farmhouse kitchen starting in June.  See you at the farm this summer! xoMaggie

Curried Rutabaga Soup
Apple, Walnut and Endive Salad