CSA Winter Share '11-'12 - Week #2

What's in the Box - January 3 & 5

Kale or Collards - .9 lb
Belgian Endive - 1 piece - *see note below* -- For Tuesday delivery only.
Watermelon Radish - 2.5 lb
Sweet Potatoes - 3 lb
Potatoes - 3 lb
Celery Root - .75 lb
Kohlrabi - 5-6 small pieces
Rutabaga - 1.5 lb
Carrots - 3.5 lb

notes on the share

Happy 2012!  We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday season and made resolutions to eat more veg in the New Year! 

Something new...Belgian Endive!
You may receive Belgian Endive in your share this week, and if not this week, then in the next delivery.  Although we have thought about growing this special vegetable for some time, this is the first year we have done it and we are thrilled to introduce it to you!

Belgian Endive is a member of the chicory family and is a gourmet specialty prized by chefs.  It starts out growing as a root crop in the fields during the summer.  It is harvested in the fall and the tops are removed for storage.  We then plant the roots in batches in shallow trays and allow them to force a head in complete darkness.  (This is why the endive is white and pale yellow.) You can read more about the growing process of Belgian Endive here:

I have included a recipe for cooked endive salad below, but we personally enjoy it raw in a salad with shaved Locatelli cheese and a light vinaigrette.  While most Belgian Endive is bitter, ours is not, so we recommend trying it raw to best experience its delicate flavor and texture. 

Store your veggies properly!

We encourage you to click on a vegetable from the list above to find a full page of information about each crop.  Be sure to follow the storage instructions carefully to maximize the life of your veggies.  When stored properly at home, you can expect the roots to last you through the full 3 weeks between each winter share delivery.


Warm Belgian Endive & Pine Nut Salad
Simple Watermelon Radish Salad