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Daikon Radish

IN SEASON - October

The daikon radish, also called the Chinese radish, is a popular Asian vegetable. It is a root that looks similar to a carrot except that it is typically white in color and large in size. For example, a Daikon radish is sized from approximately 5-20 inches in length and 2-4 inches in width. They can be eaten raw; however, they have a hotter flavor than red radishes so be aware of this when using them in this manner. Daikon radishes can be added to salads or to relishes, and are also commonly used in stir-fries.


Daikon radish will keep well in the refrigerator if they are placed in a sealed container or plastic bag in order to maintain high humidity. 


Can be cooked for a long time without losing its taste and texture. It can be sliced or grated for use in salads and it is also popular cooked or pickled.


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Photo: Johnny's Selected Seeds

Photo: Johnny's Selected Seeds